Early Bird Discount for Soul Alchemy Bali Yoga Retreat Extended

In light of recent coronavirus development worldwide, we have decided to extended the Early Bird discount for our coming Soul Alchemy Bali Yoga Retreat to March 20, 2020. We really hope to see you guys in Bali, not just to cultivate holistic health daily together but also to show you the magic of Bali such as sunset like this! 

Nature is the best healer. We strongly believe that yoga is a practise to help us become WHOLE. The community and environment that we practise with can influence our practise. Hence we need to have satsang (the community that help to anchor us to Truth) and a supportive space to allow us to deepen our practise and understanding of ourselves. 

💎Bonus for this retreat is that you can DETOX with us with our complimentary Easydetox 7-day Kit to get the most out of your time with us! Included also in this retreat - workshops on Ayurvedic lifestyle, emotional health and manifesting the life you want, DoTERRA premium essential oil, mala for japa meditation, neti pot and other unique Balinese experiences!

🌻If you are interested in joining us for a week of transformation or realignment, reserve your preferred room now. We look forward to a joyful journey with you all! .

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